Matt Dawson unveils Napoleon in America cover and frontispiece


UK illustrator Matt Dawson discusses on his blog how he came up with the cover for Napoleon in America and unveils his gorgeous frontispiece for the book. Click on the link to see how Matt “Frankenstein forged” Napoleon’s signature. Matt has also posted his sketches of the Napoleon in America cover options. Presented with such a wealth of talent, it was very hard to choose! Matt is an absolute delight to work with. I am prompted to speed up work on the sequel just so I can see what he’ll do for the cover of that. As for what you’re seeing in the frontispiece, that’s Napoleon approaching the Balize, Louisiana.

Napoleon in America frontispiece by Matt Dawson

Napoleon in America frontispiece by Matt Dawson

If you already know something of Napoleon and would like to add to this with the alternative history of his exploits beyond St. Helena (and all this based on an actual escape plan that was never set in motion), or if you know little about him but love a good historical yarn, look out for Napoleon in America.

Matt Dawson