Napoleon in America book trailer released

The book trailer for Shannon’s novel, Napoleon in America, features the Napoleon House legend that inspired the book. In 1821, pirates of Jean Laffite’s gang were plotting to rescue Napoleon Bonaparte from St. Helena and bring him to New Orleans. On the day they planned to sail, they received word that Napoleon had died.

The soundtrack is from Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3 in E-flat major, known as the Eroica (Italian for “heroic”) Symphony. Beethoven originally planned to dedicate the work to Napoleon, but changed his mind after Napoleon proclaimed himself Emperor of the French in 1804. You can read more about Napoleon’s connection with the symphony on the International Napoleonic Society website and on the Beethoven’s Eroica website.

In writing this symphony Beethoven had been thinking of Buonaparte, but Buonaparte while he was First Consul. At that time Beethoven had the highest esteem for him and compared him to the greatest consuls of ancient Rome.

Ferdinand Ries