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Napoleon House, New Orleans, 1904

Napoleon House, New Orleans, 1904

I recently shared some thoughts about writing Napoleon in America in a guest post on Lindsay Healy’s splendid Little Reader Library book blog. I talk about where the idea for the book came from (Napoleon House in New Orleans), how I chose the date on which the book starts, and other considerations in coming up with the story. I also include an excerpt in which Napoleon first encounters voodoo practice in New Orleans. Click here to read the post.

Lindsay runs a wonderful blog, full of excellent book reviews, author interviews and guest posts. She is also a writer herself. Be sure to check out all the goodies at the Little Reader Library.


I wanted to imagine Napoleon – who had never been to the Americas – encountering the United States: the vast distances, the unsophistication of the culture compared to Europe, the practice of slavery, and the customs of the North American Indians.

Shannon Selin