• A Petition for the Emperor

    A Petition for the Emperor

    In 1805 a French Canadian cooper embarked on a quest to ask French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte to free Canada from British rule.

    “Father Signay had heard it three times. Not from the men, of course. Boastful as crickets on the street, they became clams in the confessional. Instead he heard it from the women, who were not happy until they let out their secrets…”

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  • A Question of Madness

    A Question of Madness

    An alcalde (mayor)  in 1821 Texas faces an unusual demand.

    “The white man on a roan horse did not, in his dusty appearance, differ from many who straggled into Nacogdoches on the trail from San Antonio de Béxar to Louisiana. American traders, vagabonds and adventurers were common in this corner of Texas, joining Spaniards, Frenchmen, Mexicans, Indians and a few free Negroes seeking to improve their fortunes. It was the man’s request that distinguished him…”

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  • Dr. Sym Goes to Heaven

    Dr. Sym Goes to Heaven

    Fighting over a body in Montreal in 1807.

    “Mother Céloron watched the eyelids slide back, the jaw fall slack, the tongue slump in the cracked mouth. She closed the lids but they slipped open half-way, over eyes that stared at nothing. She tried again, letting her fingers linger on the cheek she had shaved only yesterday…

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What, then is, generally speaking, the truth of history? A fable agreed upon.

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