Living Descendants of Napoleon and the Bonapartes

One question I am often asked is whether Napoleon Bonaparte has any living descendants, or whether a particular sibling of Napoleon has any living descendants. Another version of the question is whether there are any Bonaparte descendants living in America. Here’s a handy summary to help you keep track. An asterix (*) indicates the person has living descendants.

Napoleon with his nieces and nephews on the terrace at Saint-Cloud, by Louis Ducis, 1810. Napoleon and four of his siblings have living descendants.

Napoleon with his nieces and nephews on the terrace at Saint-Cloud, by Louis Ducis, 1810. Napoleon and four of his siblings have living descendants.

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)*

Napoleon’s illegitimate son Alexandre Walewski, circa 1855. He has living descendants.

Napoleon’s illegitimate son Alexandre Walewski, circa 1855. He has living descendants.

Napoleon had one legitimate child, Napoleon François Charles Joseph Bonaparte (1811-1832), also known as the King of Rome or Napoleon II, who died childless at the age of 21.

Napoleon also had two acknowledged illegitimate sons, Charles Léon Denuelle* (1806-1881) and Alexandre Colonna Walewski* (1810-1868), both of whom have living descendants.

Joseph Bonaparte (1768-1844)*

Napoleon’s older brother Joseph had two legitimate daughters, Zénaïde* (1801-1854) and Charlotte (1802-1839). Charlotte died giving birth to her only child, who also died. Zénaïde married her cousin Charles Bonaparte* (1803-1857, son of Napoleon’s brother Lucien) and had eight children who lived to adulthood. She has living descendants.

Joseph also had two illegitimate daughters with his American mistress, Annette Savage. Pauline (1819-1823) died in an accident in Joseph’s garden at the age of 4. Caroline* (1822-1890) married an American, Zebulon Howell Benton, and had five children. She has living descendants, at least one of whom was born in America.

Lucien Bonaparte (1775-1840)*

Napoleon’s brother Lucien had 11 children who lived to adulthood. He has living descendants.

Elisa Bonaparte Baciocchi (1777-1820)

Napoleon’s sister Elisa had two children who lived beyond infancy. Her son Frédéric (1814-1833) was killed in a riding accident at the age of 18. Her daughter Napoléone (1803-1869) married a wealthy Italian count, from whom she separated after a couple of years. Napoléone’s only child, Charles (1826-1853), committed suicide at the age of 26. He had no children, thus Elisa has no living descendants.

Louis Bonaparte (1778-1846)*

Napoleon’s brother Louis, who was unhappily married to Napoleon’s stepdaughter Hortense de Beauharnais (Josephine’s daughter), had two sons who lived to adulthood. Napoléon-Louis (1804-1831), who married Joseph’s daughter Charlotte, died without any children. Louis’s second son Louis-Napoléon (1808-1873) became French Emperor Napoleon III*. Napoleon III’s only legitimate child, Louis-Napoléon (1856-1879) was killed in an ambush during the Anglo-Zulu War in South Africa at the age of 23, leaving no children. Napoleon III also had at least three illegitimate children: Bonaventur Karrer (1839–1921); Alexandre-Louis Eugène Bure* (1843-1910); and Louis-Ernest Alexandre Bure (1845-1882). Eugène Bure has living descendants.

Pauline Bonaparte Borghese (1780-1825)

Napoleon’s fun-loving sister Pauline had one son, Dermide (1798-1804), who died of fever and convulsions at the age of 6. Thus Pauline has no living descendants.

Caroline Bonaparte Murat (1782-1839)*

American actor René Auberjonois, a descendant of Napoleon’s sister Caroline, in 2013

American actor René Auberjonois, a descendant of Napoleon’s sister Caroline, in 2013

Napoleon’s sister Caroline had four children: Achille (1801-1847), Letizia* (1802-1859), Lucien* (1803-1878) and Louise* (1805-1889). Achille, who moved to the United States and married a relative of George Washington, had no children. Lucien, who lived in the United States for 23 years, also married an American, Caroline Georgina Fraser from Charleston. They had five children: four born in Bordentown, NJ, and one in France. Lucien has living descendants, including the children of American actor René Auberjonois. Letizia and Louise also have living descendants.

Jérôme Bonaparte (1784-1860)*

Napoleon’s youngest sibling Jérôme had one son with his first wife, the American Elizabeth (Betsy) Patterson: Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte (1805-1870). Jerome Jr., who was not recognized as a Bonaparte by Napoleon, had two sons: Jerome Napoleon Bonaparte II* (1830-1893), and Charles Bonaparte (1851-1921), Charles, who served in President Theodore Roosevelt’s cabinet as Secretary of the Navy and, later, as Attorney General, died childless. Jerome Napoleon II had two children: Louise-Eugénie* (1873-1923), who married Danish Count Adam Carl von Moltke-Huitfeld and has living descendants; and Jerome Napoleon Charles (1878-1945), who fatally broke his neck by tripping over the leash while walking his wife’s dog in New York’s Central Park. Although Jerome Napoleon Charles had no children, reports that he was the last of the Patterson-Bonapartes are mistaken, unless one is referring only to the male line.

With his second wife, Princess Catharina of Württemberg, Jérôme Sr. had three children: Jérôme Napoléon Charles (1814-1847), who died childless; Mathilde (1820-1904), also childless; and Napoléon Joseph Charles* (1822-1891), who had three children and has living descendants.

Bonaparte pretenders to the French throne

Jean-Christophe, Prince Napoléon, a descendant of Napoleon’s brother Jérôme, in 2006

Jean-Christophe, Prince Napoléon, a descendant of Napoleon’s brother Jérôme, in 2006

Although Napoleon III was removed from power in 1870, and France – a republic – has not had a monarch since then, some members of the Bonaparte family are considered by some to have a claim to the non-existent French throne.

Under the law of succession established by Napoleon in 1804, only legitimate male descendants through the male line were eligible to assume the imperial crown. Lucien and his descendants were excluded from the succession plan because Napoleon disapproved of Lucien’s marriage. Over the years, the Bonaparte possessors of, or claimants to, the throne have been:

  • Napoleon I (Emperor of the French, abdicated in 1815, died in 1821)
  • Napoleon II (never actually ruled France, but briefly held the title of Emperor after his father’s 1815 abdication, died childless in 1832)
  • Joseph (died in 1844 with no descendants through the male line)
  • Louis (died in 1846)
  • Napoleon III (Emperor of the French, removed from power in 1870, died in 1873; no legitimate descendants)
  • Jérôme’s male descendants (with Catharina of Württemberg) through the male line. The current claimant is Jérôme’s descendant Jean-Christophe, Prince Napoléon (b. 1986). This claim is disputed by Jean-Christophe’s father, Charles, Prince Napoléon (b. 1950), who was excluded from the succession in his father’s will for having married without paternal permission.

The Bonapartes are not the only pretenders to the French throne. The Legitimists (successors of the senior branch of the Bourbons, ousted in 1830) and the Orléanists (successors of King Louis Philippe, ejected in 1848) also lay claim to the crown.

*Has living descendants.

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114 commments on “Living Descendants of Napoleon and the Bonapartes”

  • David Kaplan says:

    I think there are some genealogical male descendants of Napoleon by Alexandre Colonna Walewski and his mistress Rachel Felix.

  • Pier Kuipers says:

    Fascinating as always, Shannon. Small typo: Louis is Napoleon’s brother, not his son 😉

  • David Kaplan says:

    Le sang de l’empereur continue de vivre!

  • RENÉ REMIS says:

    Ik lees regelmatig over de achternaam “Fox” waar Joseph een relatie mee zou hebben gehad…

  • Dubois says:

    Actually, I have cause to believe thru research-documents out of UK (listing all parties in county for census, etc) that Pauline had two children just prior to passing at Palazzo Borghese, as well these were children by Charles X Bourbon. She (Pauline) held rights as Empress under Code, and therefore, this pair of children would have held incredible power. Triple Header – Bonaparte-Borghese-Bourbon.

    Your thoughts?

  • Shannon Selin says:

    It seems highly improbable. I have not seen anything in the accounts of people close to Pauline, or close to Charles X, to suggest that they had an affair, or that Pauline had any children besides Dermide. She was in ill health for several years before she died, and probably no longer capable of bearing children.

  • Marie-Noëlle says:

    Jérôme was maybe the more “generous” with women. If the actual Prince Napoléon is a descendant of Jérôme, it seems that there are many little “Jérômes” but “par la main gauche” (by the left hand) as we say in France. When he was king of Westphalia, he had many mistresses who had children: Jenny and Pauline by Diane von Pappenheim. Pauline died without descendants (she was a none!) but Jenny, who, as a child, befriended Goethe and his family, married a German noble and had four children.
    Jérôme had other illegitimate children: Charles-Henri Bach who died with a descendance and Jérôme David, with no child.
    They are the official non official children of Jérôme but it seems that he had many others…

    Eliza’s daughter, Napoléone countess of Camerata seemed to be a real character: an adventurer, she was the only Bonaparte who met in Vienna the young Duke of Reichstadt in November 1831. She was expulsed by the Austrian authorities. She liked wearing men clothes, galloping on her horse, she was a good fencer and good with a pistol!
    During the Second Empire, after the death of her son by suicide, she bought a land in a remote part of Brittany. She built a school, a hospital, a church, roads, farms for poor families. She also tried oysters and fish raising. This became the community of Colpo.

  • Shannon Selin says:

    Thanks, Marie-Noëlle. I didn’t realize Jérôme had that many illegitimate children. I’m not too surprised, given how he liked to conduct himself! Elisa’s daughter Napoléone is one of my favourite Bonaparte descendants. She’s actually a character in the novel I’m currently writing (Napoleon in Texas), so I’ll write an article about her soon.

  • Sarah Drury says:

    I work for Case Auctions in Tennessee. A 19th century portrait of a gentleman has been consigned to our July 14, 2018 auction, and according to oral history, the subject is Jerome Bonaparte. I would be very curious to know if any descendants of Jerome concur. Photos and a description are here:

  • Shannon Selin says:

    Thanks, Sarah. That’s a lovely portrait. I hope some Bonaparte descendants, or other experts on Jerome, see it and get back to you.

  • Jesse says:

    I am told by my grandmother (not sure if it’s true)) that Napoleon is my great great great great uncle somewhere down the great relative road. I have never seen any proof, so I honestly don’t know.

    • Shannon Selin says:

      That’s exciting, Jesse – certainly possible given the large number of descendants (both legitimate and illegitimate) of his siblings.

  • MeckiIgel says:

    And also I guess, the actress Nastassja Kinski also must be in heritage of the family-members of Napoleon, but I don’t know of which brothers of Napoleon her heritage is or was.

    • Shannon Selin says:

      This is the first I’ve heard of Nastassja Kinski being a descendant of the Bonapartes, so I don’t know either.

  • Kaz says:

    Trying to establish ‘fact or fiction’, that when Napoleon I was on the Island of Elba, there was a female in his service who gave birth to his Son, prior to his return to Paris, named Elbine Bourgoin? Napoleon gave her a clock, which has been passed down each French generation, now in the possession of my children’s uncle. And each French generation has been told they were descended from him. How can this be proved? if so, this would make my children, the gt,gt.,gt.,gt.,gt.,gt., granddaughters of Napoleon, so any suggestions how to go about this?

  • Annet(masculin) says:

    Descendant de Lucien Bonaparte ; je me suis procuré l’ouvrage de E de TASSIGNY, “Les Napoléonides” (180 pages) publié chez : Mémoire et documents en 2012; qui est la généalogie illustrée exhaustive de la totalité des descendants des Bonaparte dans le monde entier. A Leret d’Aubigny. Cordialement

  • Shannon Selin says:

    I have not heard of Elbine Bourgoin, or of Napoleon fathering any children on Elba, Kaz. You might want to consider DNA testing to see how your family’s DNA compares to that of Napoleon. There is more about that here:

  • Shannon Selin says:

    Merci pour cette référence, Annet. Voici plus d’informations pour ceux qui sont intéressés:

  • Bryan Blaha says:

    Hello! Was curious about the descendants as I just purchased a Bible from the Disney family and it was owned by Napoleon III. Will be selling next month.

  • Edouard says:

    Very interesting article, as always! I have been binge-reading these the last two days and look forward to reading your book.

    One very small correction to the last section: at the time of Napoléon III’s death in 1873 he had one living child (Louis-Napoléon, Prince Impérial), but Louis-Napoléon then died six years later with no issue of his own.

    • Shannon Selin says:

      Thanks, Edouard! I’m glad you’re enjoying the articles. I had mentioned the Prince Impérial’s 1879 death under “Louis Bonaparte” earlier in the post; sorry if that wasn’t clear in the last section.

  • Geovany Napoleon says:

    The Napoleon bloodline only continues to grow and expand throughout time.

  • Shannon Selin says:


  • Susan Cottingham says:

    Maybe I have a piece of my family puzzle/mystery that I have been searching for. My Great Grandfather Baron D. always said that Napoleon was a great grandfather of his. Recently, I believe I have found the link. I have one Ancestry DNA match who has a direct ancestor with the name of Beauharnais. This person is matching as a relation exact to where Ancestry predicts they should be in relation to my tree! I researched the descendants and relatives of Napoleon Bonaparte, then I searched my matches for their Surnames, and there it was! Now, I am looking for a closer link. Wikipedia, can also be helpful, when searching for names of famous people!ène_de_Beauharnais!

  • Shannon Selin says:

    That’s great that you’re making progress in your genealogical research, Susan. You might enjoy this article, which has more information about Napoleon’s stepchildren, Eugène and Hortense de Beauharnais:

  • Susan says:

    My French Great Grandfather and his father both said they were grandsons of Napoleon Bonaparte. I have found only one connection through DNA and that connection is Beauharnais. My DNA matches tree has a direct line to Josephine Beauharnais. I am searching for a descendant who either married a Cholet, had an illegitimate child with a Cholet, or changed their name to Cholet/Chollet. Can anyone help me?

  • Susan says:

    I also have several Gedmatches with the E1B1C1 matches one with very high CM’s.

  • Shannon Selin says:

    I haven’t heard of a Cholet in relation to the Beauharnais family, but perhaps someone reading this has information that will help you.

  • nicolette says:

    I am related to Marie-louise Napoleon’s 2nd wife.


    The great Napoleon Bonaparte in world history, evergreen king of emperors.

  • Daniel says:

    Jerome Bonaparte certainly had some relatively notable descendants. For instance, there was one US Attorney General and one prominent French Resistance fighter:,_Prince_Napol%C3%A9on

    Also, if you are curious, after Henri, Count of Chambord’s death in 1883, the Legitimist claimants to the French throne are descended in the male line from King Philip V of Spain. Philip was the second son of Louis le Grand Dauphin.

  • Shannon Selin says:

    Thanks, Daniel.

  • Karen A Moody says:

    I had our DNA through 23andMe and I received a list of Famous and Infamous Genome Connections to me.
    My Haplogroup is H
    Luke the Evangelist, Marie Antoinette,
    Napoleon Bonaparte, Prince Philip, Susan Sarandon
    We live in Puyallup, Washington so cheers to you

  • Susan Cottingham says:

    My mother has a couple of Autosomal matches with the surname Bonaparte in their trees. How rare is this, or is it quite common? I also have a match with Tamsey Maret Beauharnais in their tree. My Great Grandfather and Great Great Aunt (his sister) said that they were somehow descendants. My GG father’s wife once said something to the effect that she wouldn’t claim relation to any old dictator! I also have at least one or two E1B1B1 matches on Gematch.

  • Susan Cottingham says:

    My mother’s closest relation that has been DNA tested to the Bonapartes is a 4th-6th cousin which would be accurate according to family tree timeline. This would be a descendant of Lucien Bonaparte and Catherine Boyer.

  • Shannon Selin says:

    That’s interesting, Susan. I don’t know how common autosomal matches with the surname Bonaparte are. Maybe someone reading this will know the answer and leave a comment.

  • Dean Bahan says:

    I have read in many places that Jean Christophe Napoleon gave his fiancée a ring with a 40 carat diamond that came from the crown of the Empress Eugenie.
    I also read that the crown came up for auction in 1988 and that the buyer, Roberto Polo, donated it to the Louvre where it is currently displayed.
    My question is when and how did Jean Christophe get the diamond? If he has it, what’s in the crown in the Louvre.

  • Shelbie Kelsey says:

    Hi Shannon,
    My grandmother has always told us that we were related to Napoleon, through a Deserisy line. I can’t find much of a connect and was wondering if you have? This stems from a Richard Deserisy, who was from Paris, Île-de-France, France.

    Thank you

  • Shannon Selin says:

    I haven’t come across anyone named Deserisy in relation to the Bonapartes, Shelbie. There is a detailed list of direct Bonaparte descendants here: If there is a Deserisy connection, it appears to be a more distant one.

  • melinda Wright says:

    I recently learned through dna that my Northern Italian Volpis are related to Napolean. Do you know anything about that?

    • Shannon Selin says:

      Napoleon had ancestors from Northern Italy, although I don’t know anything about the Volpi-Bonaparte connection, Melinda.

  • Ann Nitzschke says:

    Was there anyone in the Napoleon family tree married to a Guise descendant.

  • Shannon Selin says:

    That I don’t know, Ann. There is a list of Bonaparte descendants here that might be of assistance:

  • Dr Alanna Lo Schiavo says:

    My mother, now deceased, was Dr Elcie H. Wyse of Sydney who brought Mammography to Australia. Letitia, Napoleon’s sister, married Sir Thomas Wyse who was Minister of Education (Dublin, 1823). My mother went to Land Titles in Viterbo, Italy. as N. had gifted them a palace. which we already knew had been bombed in WW2 At LT they wanted her to pay for the upkeep of Pauline’s grave, when they heard the name, Wyse. My son, though tall, as he matures, (at 28), resembles Napoleon. Some blood must have come through. Is any of this of any interest to anyone?

  • Shannon Selin says:

    It’s nice to hear from you Alanna. I believe the Bonaparte who married Sir Thomas Wyse was Napoleon’s niece Letitia, the daughter of Lucien Bonaparte, who lived in exile in Italy. It’s interesting that your son maintains the family resemblance to Napoleon.

  • Dolores B HARVEY says:

    Who was the Father of Napoleon Bonaparte Stapleton? What was his Mother’s name and and other facts about Napoleon Bonaparte Stapleton?

    • Shannon Selin says:

      I don’t know anything about Napoleon Bonaparte Stapleton, Dolores. Good luck with your search for information about him.

  • Jamie says:

    My name is Jamie and my genetic report says I am a descendant of Napoleon from his hair sample. My last name is Carter but I wonder if I am a Cartier.

  • Cathleen L. Malboeuf-Bauerm says:

    I was told years, by my aunt, Lois Malboeus, that we are descendants of Napoleon Bonaparte…a couple of years ago, Nat Geo confirmed this…

  • Sheila says:

    In my father’s family, it was common practice to keep part of the Bonaparte name alive. My grandfather was named Napoleon Bonaparte Yowell. I’m not exactly sure why, but family legend has it that we’re somehow related. Family called him Nate, and was from Missouri. The family was originally from Kentucky and Virginia.

    • Shannon Selin says:

      That’s interesting, Sheila. I know that in the years following Napoleon’s death, “Napoleon” became the most popular given name for boys in Quebec, sometimes with a “Bonaparte” attached. I’m not sure how popular the name was in the United States.

  • BRIAN ARMOUR says:

    I found an old family tree, showing a James Loper, seafaring man born 10/15/1791, listed children: James, John, & Napoleun Bonaparte- I find this strange because it saws he was born in NJ–this can’t be the same Napoleon we know- or could he have had a different father? And was adopted? Family tree goes on about the other 2 sons, but no more info on the “Napoleun” listed. Any thoughts?

    • Shannon Selin says:

      In the early 19th century, it was not unusual for boys to be named Napoleon Bonaparte (with variants on the spelling), in honour of the French Emperor. This was the case even in North America, where Napoleon had many admirers.

  • Joann Glacken says:

    My 3rd great-grandfather has inscribed on his tomb that he fought under Napoleon for 18 years. He came to America c 1818. I have not been successful in finding any military records to support this claim. Do you have any references that you could recommend? He was: Sebastian Florence II (1772–1857) (b. 3 Nov 1772 • Braden, Germersheim, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany)(d. 7 Mar 1857 • Emmitsburg, Maryland, USA).

  • Andrew Pierre Thévin says:

    Hello, how are you?

    I will keep this short.
    I recently learned that I am a descendant of Napoleon himself. I would like to engage the family just to learn more and give my support. I hope there are resources out there. Can you help?

  • Jorge Restrepo says:

    A near cousin of my wife Amelie Convers was married to a male (or female) member of the Colonna Walewski family in Cartagena Colombia. I would like to know more about this marriage

  • James Morris says:

    I ran across this in an old South Dakota history book while doing research on my great uncle, Charles J. Morris. He was married to Virginia Hazen in 1907. From the book “Virginia Hazen, daughter of A. W. Hazen, Naval Officer of the US Customs House in Baltimore. Niece of General A. Depew Hazen, 3rd Asst. Postmaster, grandniece of Sen. Chauncey M. Depew. Her ancestry can be traced back to Napoleon Bonaparte.” Ever heard of any of these people?

  • Matthew Harbottle says:

    I recently came across this announcement, in The Preston Herald (in Lancashire, UK), dated Saturday, June 28, 1913 – Palace Theatre Preston. On Monday June 30th, etc. Mr. W. W. Kelly’s Principal Co., in “A Royal Divorce”. M. Juan Buonaparte (great grandson of Napoleon I, as “Napoleon”).

    Does anyone have any ideas who M. Juan Buonaparte was?

  • Michael Drentea says:

    Hello Shannon,

    I am Michael Drentea, I am a direct “genetic cousin” of Napolean I, with 22/37 shared DNA markers (60%) from his Paternal E-M34 haplogroup.

    The study was conducted by each, Family History DNA, 23 & Me and the IGENEA (Napolean Bonaparte Surname Project), which compared my DNA to his 37 known DNA markers from his hair sample collected.

    My common ancestor with Napolean I, is from 5469 years ago, prior to his reign, however I do resemble him greatly.

    My father was born in Bucharest, Romania but is also of Italian and French decent.

    My relatives from my paternal side of the family migrated to Romania from Drenthe, Nederlands in the 13th century.

    Drenthe is from the Westphalia Lower Saxony region of West Germany and North France.

    Today in the city of Emmen, a large company called Emmen-Drentea, still uses the name Drentea in Drenthe.

    This region was also controlled by Jerome Bonaparte as “King of Westphalia” during 1807-1813

    You can find Napolean Bonaparte’s 37 DNA markers below

    • Shannon Selin says:

      Thanks for this information, Michael. I’m glad you were able to find your genetic relationship to Napoleon.

  • Mikki Kozel says:

    My grandma always said we were related to Napolian. Her maiden name was Speight. Any info?

  • Joanne Ellis Dempsey says:

    So is Leva Bonaparte who stars in Southern Charm related to any descendants of the Napoleon family genes? It’s not a surname that you hear often so the Charelston/Charlotte facts are the reason why I’m asking!

    • Shannon Selin says:

      She’s not directly related, Joanne, as Bonaparte is the last name of her husband, Lamar (Leva’s maiden name is Nowroozyani). As far as I know, her husband is not a descendant of Napoleon’s family. A number of people adopted the name Bonaparte in the 19th century, because of Napoleon’s fame.

  • Neil william clovis says:

    We have recently had confirmation that we are direct descendants of Napoleon via his brother my Great grandfather Valentine clavering clovis was the son of his son, all this has been documented in an article in the Royal Digest 3rd quarterly edition 2020

  • Tounya says:

    I am very entrenched in my family’s genealogy and paid to have test run to find out who in history I am related to by blood
    And was sent a repot linking my family and Marie Antoinette and Napoleon. My mother’s family comes from Nord France
    How would I trace this connection??

  • Shannon Selin says:

    There’s a guide to French genealogical sources here, Tonya: Good luck with with your search!

  • Casey Franklin says:

    I might be the grandson of the eaglet through my mother. What do I need to do to find the truth?

  • Ellen says:

    My family would never discuss their lineage, but my gt gt gran went by the name of “Hortense” de heuse, de huys, de hugo. – I grew up knowing that my gt grandmother was a countess, and Hortense (gt gt) had the same title, she was fluent in French, Russian, German, Italian and English, was an accomplished sculptress. Her name is never consistent, once she married she used her married name. As child I was told there was a Russian connection. (inherited silver) It was hinted that she was the grandchild of Jerome Napoleon. The only connection that keeps linking is to Princess Mathilde daughter of Jerome (certainly illegitimate) her birth place, her movements (by census). History says a girl child was living with Princess Mathilde in Paris (after she left the Russian Prince).
    If you know anything we would love to find out. It’s taken 4 generations to talk about it.

    • Shannon Selin says:

      I don’t know anything about this, Ellen. Perhaps someone reading these comments will have some helpful information.

  • Dolores B Harvey says:

    My Great Great Grandfather was Napoleon Bonaparte Stapleton. His son Thomas Johnson born to him by Fannie Johnson in Baldwin County was my Great Grndfather. This same Thomas Johnson married Eliza Bufford Johnson. Question who was the Mother and Father of Napoleon Bonaparte Stapleton?

  • Maggie Crichton says:

    Hello! I am a descendant of one of Napoleon’s sisters. Any chance you could trace the Willis Family? I believe that it is in my blood through my great grandfather Bernard Willis. Any info?

  • LAWRENCE Menucci Applebaum says:

    In my 23 and me results it says I have a common relative with Napoleon? With the same DNA. Could that be true?

  • F.K. says:

    Dubois, I would be interested in the research documents out of UK regarding Pauline’s two children prior to moving to Palazzo Borghese. I learned also that she had two children, and has many living descendants. Shannon, would you please connect me with Dubois?

  • Shannon Selin says:

    Hi F.K. I’ll contact Dubois privately to alert them to your request.

  • Sandra Peters says:

    Oral traditions were passed down. One being that my 3rd great-grandmother, Margaretha Felten, was impregnated by royalty in France. She came to America with her brother, Nicolas Felten, and her 5 year old daughter, Sularine Isadore Felten. I had my DNA done with Ancestry and with CRI Genetics. At CRI genetics I found that according to my mtDNA, Napolean Bonaparte is in my haplogroup. We share a common ancestor. Is there any way to find out if one of Napolean Bonaparte’s illegitimate sons is the father of my Great-Great grandmother. The time and place add up. I just don’t know if the DNA does.

  • Shannon Selin says:

    That I don’t know, Sandra.

  • Christopher Nickell says:

    Napoleon is my 6th cousin since King James Stuart Is my great grandfather

  • Pamela Lee says:

    I am a descendant from Napoleon, and Maria, my family has a book written about our lineage, connecting us all, from Louisiana. I am French/Cajun and an American. I would love to know more information, if anyone has any.

  • Michael Forcioli says:

    All I know is Napoleon 1 had a close relationship with a Forcioli lady however Napoleons uncle persuade him not to marry this Corscian lady. He left her with a dower and some farm property. I am a decendent from the Forcioli family. {born in Cape Town} My earliest recorded history of our branch was Magnifico Giovanni Matteo Forcioli 1725 – 1798.

  • Shannon Selin says:

    Thanks for this information, Michael.

  • Albert Icard says:

    There is name plate that I think comes from a foot locker or some personal traveling suit case that has the name engraved in the plate Mr. Charles Leon, with a address 222 Rue de davel Paris. Do you have any suggestion how I can verify the address and know that it is Napoleon”s illegitimate son ?

  • Anne says:

    My family has a “story” that we are direct descendants of Napoleon. They were too ashamed to tell the actual connection but I believe this is true because my dad and I both really do look like Napoleon. If true I think I know which ancestor would have been his illegitimate child. I am trying to prove ( or disprove) this via DNA. Do you know of any living relative who has done an autosomal DNA test with whom I could compare my own test? I cannot use the Y DNA or mDNA tests for this. I hope I live long enough to get a definitive answer! Thanks. Anne in Wisconsin

  • Shannon Selin says:

    This article might help you, Anne:

  • Nicholas Speeks says:

    Apparently, this IS a required field. So…. Vive L’Empereur!

  • Barbara Singer says:

    I recently had my DNA tested and have been told I share the same DNA as Napoleon… CRI Genetics.

  • Charles Hand says:

    Still trying to locate our Italian, Ancestery, CRI stated that Mother,thru Halogroup was related to Napoleon,Queen Victoria, and Emperor Theresa of Ottoman Empire

  • Charles Hand says:

    Charles – Took CRI test from California Genetics claims to have Noble Peace Price in field They stated my mother,thru a Halo group, traced her Ancestery to Bonaparte, and Queen Victoria,and Emperoress Theresa of the Ottoman Empire. I have to see that I have any Italian Decency.Morher wasaTecigraber. Also shared names Mullen,Fischer, Stolpner,Alexander. Any Ideas !

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